Get Cut Like MMA Fighter Felice Herrig

If you’re a UFC fan, you know that champions — ones who make opponents cower in their wake and scream for mercy — can be made no matter what the gender. Take MMA fighter and Allmax athlete Felice Herrig — this former Muay Thai world champ designed a workout that proves “fighting like a girl” isn’t an insult; it’s a way for you to kick ass in the ring and in the gym. Following a light warm-up, do the exercises in the order shown, resting minimally between sets, for a tough head-to-toe workout that will get you that much closer to fighting form.

Sit-Up With Rotation

Lie face up with your feet planted on the ground; hold a 16-pound medicine ball above your head. Come up into a full sit-up, then rotate through your waist from one side to the next. Repeat for three to four sets of 25 reps.

Get Cut Like MMA Fighter Felice Herrig


Battle Ropes

Stand in an athletic stance (knees slightly bent and hips kicked back) and hold one end of the rope, anchored ahead of you, in each hand. Alternate swinging each arm 20 times. When complete, jump up in the air and slam both ends down 20 times. Rest and repeat three times.

Get Cut Like MMA Fighter Felice Herrig


Tire Flip and Jump

Find a large tire. Squat down, put your hands under it, and lift it up, flipping it using your legs and arms. Immediately jump up onto the tire’s edge and down five times. Repeat the series 10 times, rest for up to a minute, and repeat twice.

Get Cut Like MMA Fighter Felice Herrig


Jab Cross

Burn out by slapping on some boxing gloves and standing with a heavy bag in front of you. Set a timer for three minutes and alternate punching the bag with each hand. Increase the intensity by moving your feet at the same time. Perform three rounds with one minute of rest between.

Get Cut Like MMA Fighter Felice Herrig

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